Paschim Maharashtra


This Vibhag comprises 7 districts:


  • Nashik
  • Ahmednagar
  • Pune
  • Satara
  • Kolhapur
  • Sangli
  • Solapur 


                        As it consists highest number of practitioners and highest number of Ayurvedic institutes. It is having greater responsibility of prevalence of Ayurveda.

                        Ayurved Vyaspeeth is active in almost all these district branches, since its establishment in the year 2000. Monthly clinical meetings are carried in every district. Routine events of Ayurved Vyaspeeth are conducted regularly through all branches.


Some distinguishing activities of different branches are like this:


  • Ahmednagar Branch:


  1. Dhanvantari Vanoushadhi Udyan- This project is a result of continuous genuine efforts taken by all vaidyas. They have established a very healthy relation among vaidyas and Society through nature. Around 200 useful and rare medicinal plants are nurtured in this beautiful place. For this project every vaidya of Nagar branch has spared time, contributed their money and labour. This project is outcome of lot of patience, efforts and devotion. It is a guideline to development of such Udyan in every district.
  2. Dainadini- This branch is sharing maximum number of contributors in every year Dainandini. Representation of vaidyas from every taluka is always there.
  3. Kali Umaltana- Through this project all Mahila vaidyas come together and established a strong network to educate school going girls about their health awareness. CD is also published about this program.


  • Sangli Branch:


  1. Aushadhi Nirman Workshops- This branch has established their unique identity. Apart from routine programs Aushadhi Nirman workshops are being conducted not only in Sangli itself; but at various other places like Gadhinglaj, Aurangabad, Solapur etc. In only two days variety of Ayurvedic drugs manufacturing procedures are demonstrated. Every participant gets thorough practical knowledge and first hand experience with guidance. Participants can prepare own Ayurvedic drugs for their own practice. All variety of medicines like Guggulkalp, Khalvi rasayan, Churna, Kashay, Siddha taila & ghrit, Kupipakva rasayan, Dhatu-Bhasma, Ras-shuddhi, Kshar etc. are demonstrated here in this workshop.
  2. Zep Ayurvedachi (an Exhibition) – In year 2001 Sangli branch has arranged and developed a huge exhibition for propagation of Ayurveda among the common people. It covers all aspects of Ayurveda through Charts, Models of Panchakarma and Ideal Ayurved chikitsalaya, Herbal specimens, Different demos, Seminars, Lectures explaining Base concepts of Ayurveda to Pathyapathya, Ahar concept of Ayurveda to the common man.
  3. Kali Umaltana- This project covers almost 25 schools in and around Sangli. To counsel the adolescent girls regarding their health through Ayurvedic concept. Mahila vaidyas and final year BAMS girl students conduct this program.


  • Satara Branch:


  1. Information Technology program- This branch has established one unique program in association with Vidyadeep foundation regarding Information Technology. This program has guided by Google trainers. Through this 15 vaidyas launched their own websites.


  • Solapur Branch:


  1. Samhita granth Vaachan- On Dhanvantari Jayanti, this branch has conducted one get together of all vaidyas and performed Samhita granth Vaachanunder guidance of senior vaidya.
  2. Nitya vyavsayat Ayurved: One day seminar arranged for General practitioners; An effort made to motivate them towards Ayurvedic practice.
  3. Aushadhi Nirman workshop: Arranged in co-operation with Solapur and Sangli vaidyas. It has a great response.


  • Kolhapur Branch:


  1. Ayurvedamrutam: One seminar for vaidya and students ‘Ayurvedamrutam’ arranged in the year 2006.


  • Nashik Branch:


  1. Yashaswini: A grand successful seminar was arranged mainly for stri vaidyas in the year 2001 for which more than 1200 delegates were benefitted.
  2. Central office: Ayurved Vyaspeeth’s central office is situated at Charak sankul, Ganeshwadi, Panchavati, Nashik.Mainly all the major meetings and executions are carried out through this place.


  • Pune Branch:


  1. Seminar: Pimpari-Chinchwad branch arranged one seminar "Basti Parisanvad" in the year 2011.



Paschim Maharashtra Vibhag Karyakarini


Designation Name Place
President Vd Pradip Madnaik Sangli
Vice President  Vd Eknath Kulkarni Nashik
Secretory Vd Yogesh Kulkarni Solapur
Treasurer Vd Mandar Bhanage Ahmad Nagar
Mahila Pramukh Vd Mamata Madnaik Sangli


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