Ayurved vyaspeeth was established in the year 2000 and today this organization has completed 15 years of working.

                    In those days it was being said that the time for ayurveda has arrived and this was being said for the past 20 years but neither the people in general nor the ayurvedic practitioners could feel it. The country was going through the phase of privatization and as a result a lot of private Ayurvedic colleges were started on commercial basis. The number of ayurved graduates started multiplying by every passing day. This new generation of ayurved graduates were such that they lacked in self confidence and self respect and satisfied themselves by practicing allopathic medicine. Because of privatization the quality of education also deteriorated but inspite of all this, the idea of revival of ayurveda was catching on because of the growing interest of the world in ayurveda.

                    Disappointed with this situation of ayurveda some active workers in this field and others got together in a place called “Rammala” and started reflecting on this situation. As a result of this churning of thoughts, ayurved vyaspeeth was established.

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