Ayurved Vyaspeeth Dainandini 2020-21
Ayurved Vyaspeeth has been consistently publishing Exclusive Diary - popularly known as Ayurved Dainandini for Ayurved practitioners since last 20 years. Each edition of Dainandini is based on unique and innovative themes / topics. The positive feedbacks received from across the nation emphasise its usefulness and essentiality to have a unique and dedicated Diary for Ayurved practitioners.

Upcoming Ayurved Vaspeeth Daindini 2020-21 is based on the theme “Prakriti and lifestyle (jeevanshailee)”

This edition of Dainandini, too, has many features that will help Ayurved practitioners in their day-to-day practice.
The features are:-
1.Exclusive short-notes, one-liners foot-notes, articles; based on Practical point of view of Prakriti Parikshan and it’s importance in day to day practice, compilation of different studies and research papers in this regard, establishment of different aspects of Prakruti such as, Career guidance, Manasa Bhava, Classical Music, Vyadhikshamatva etc
2. Financial year calendar from April 2020 to March 2021.
3. Monthly planner for clinic appointments and special notes.
4. A vast list of Ayurved and Panchakarma practitioners from all over the Maharashtra, Gujarath, Goa & rest of India.
(So that a Vaidya can find nearest options to refer to his/her patients, when needed.)
Criteria to register for availing Dainandini(who can buy?)
- All Ayurved Practitioners, Ayurved Students.
1. One can register for Dainandini 2020 - 21 by clicking the link (registration link) & by paying online.
2. You can use credit card/ debit card/ net banking options to make the payment.
3. Last date of registration & payment will be 31st December 2019.
4. Kindly note that no change will be entertained in the contact details registered by you, 31st December 2019 onwards.
5. Fees: For Maharashtra - Rs. 250/- per Dianandini. And For Out of Maharashtra Rs. 300/- per Dainindini. (Including postal charges)
6. he Subscribers will be notified via email once the Dainandini 2020 - 21 is dispatched by post / courier to their registered address.
7. This year we will be sending daindini to your registered address through Indian Post / courier.
Important Links-.
The Ayurved practitioners who wish to contribute to this diary can share any of the following material by email to us

- Data regarding Prakruti Parikshan

- Classic or Contemporary Literature related to Prakruti

- Innovative study

- Short format of Prakruti Parikshan

- Any diagrammatic representation or flow charts regarding the Topic

- Language: Hindi or English

- Word Limit: 400-600

- Email id - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Fees: For Maharashtra - Rs. 250/- per Dianandini. And For Out of Maharashtra Rs. 300/- per Dainindini. (Including postal charges)
Last date of registration & payment - 31st December 2019.



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