The program of monthly clinical meetings to increase the standards of ayurved practice started by vyaspeeth was successful beyond imagination. Today, clinical meetings are being organized in almost 36 districts monthly, bimonthly or every three months in which almost 3000 ayurvedic doctors participate uptil now more than 2250 clinical meetings have been organized as a result the number of ayurved doctors practicing pure ayurvedic medicine have increased significantly.

                Ayurved vyaspeeth Gujarat and vidyabharati have jointly taken up the project of giving “Suvarna Prashan Sanskar” to new bourn infants every month on the auspicious occasion of pushya nakshatra. uptil now almost 8000 infants have taken benefit of this. Necessary data is being collected for the purpose of research on this subject. The project of which is going on for the past two years.

                The Ahmadnagar branch of ayurved vyaspeeth has started the important project of Dhanwantari Medicinal Herb Botanical Garden. For this project it acquired a land from the municipal corporation on lease. More than 200 medicinal plants have been grown in this botanical garden.

                For the promotion of health, it is not only necessary to target ayurveda graduates but also society as a whole. For this purpose ayurved vyaspeeth conducts lectures and camps for general public. A total of 18 lectures was conducted on one single day throughout sambhajinagar at different venues. Health expos were organized in Amravati and Panvel, exhibition to introduce ayurveda to public held in Nashik are all examples of efforts being taken by vyaspeeth in this direction.

                 Publication of books is another important agenda of this organization. “Ayurved Dainandini: a yearly diary devoted to one topic each year is being regularly published since 2001. The dainandini also contains a list of names and addresses of nearly 2000 vaidyas who subscribe. Apart from this, vyaspeeth as published one book in English and 10 books in Marathi. The work of translation of some important Marathi books into hindi is on progress.

                To accomplish this multidimensional work, the volunteers working for the organization have to be devoted enthusiastic and capable for this purpose, training programs called “Abhyas Varga” are regularly held at district, division and central levels. Six young vaidyas, inspired by the ideology of the Sangh have volunteered to be fulltime work for vyaspeeth. The motto of vyaspeeth for this era is “Strength in Unity”. Ayurved vyaspeeth firmly believe that with united efforts, the thoughts and actions of an person can be positively influenced and ayurved vyaspeeth is constantly striving to achieve this motto.

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